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CC-WaterS is the follow-up project of

KArst WATer research program


Output Documentation

This is the project overall deliverable documentation which shows all completed outputs and results of all work packages.

For related outcomes of the preliminary project KATER II (KArst WATer research program) regarding Water Resources Availability (WP4), Land Uses and Water Safety (WP5) and Socio-economic evaluation (WP6), click here.


WP1 outputs ι WP2 outputs ι WP3 outputs ι WP4 outputs ι WP5 outputs ι WP6 outputs ι WP7 outputs


Outputs WP1 "Transnational Project Management and Coordination"

Report internal form for transnational progress reporting, incl. the output: Project-internal form for transnational financial reporting

Project Handbook, containing cornerstones of project implementation and management-related tasks

Outputs WP2 "Communication and Dissemination"

CC-WaterS web portal for internal and external communication and dissemination of results

→ www.ccwaters.eu

CC-WaterS project logo and project song

PP-specific / national information documents

General project folder in English (national folders)

Transnational conference session

Project documentary film (english)
Project documentary film (german)

Monography about CC-WaterS and background (final version)

Student interdisciplinary training courses in partner test-beds in periods 4, 5 and 6

→ 1st student training course - participants, pictures, presentations
→ 2nd student training course - participants, pictures, presentations
→ 3rd student training course - participants, pictures, presentations

7 Steering Meetings (periods 1-6)

pictures of all previous steering meetings, which took place already (SC0 - SC6)

→ other material relating to the occured steering meetings you find in the internal download area

4 Project Plenary Workshops (periods 1, 3, 5, 6)

pictures of the occured project plenary workshops (PW0, PW1, PW2)

→ more informationen about these workshops you find in the internal download area

3 Scientific Advisory Board Meetings (periods 2, 4, 6)

pictures of the occured scientific advisory board meetings (SB1, SB2, SB3)

→ other materail of these meetings you find in the internal download area

Papers and posters for national and transnational conferences and scientific journals

Additional WP2 outputs:

Greek CC-WaterS web portal: http://ccwaters.civil.auth.gr/


Outputs WP3 "Climate Change"

Transnational climate database

Final Report WP3 containing following outputs:

  • Future climate change scenarios
  • Project-specific downscaling methodology
  • Set of meteorological variables in space and time for catchment areas for future time periods
  • Set of uncertainties for predicted climate parameters
  • Proposal report for improved meteorologic monitoring stations (location, parameters)

Final report WP3 version 11/2010
Final report WP3 version 12/2010
Final report WP3 Executive summary


Climate change database for hydrological and landuse models

Workshop WP3-1 report


Workshop WP3-2 report


Workshop WP3-3 report


Outputs WP4 "Water Resources Availability"

Transnational hydrological database

Final Report WP4 containing following outputs:

  • Report on common water balance method
  • Groundwater availability data sets for test beds
  • Groundwater level / discharge trends for test beds
  • Hydrological data sets in space and time for test beds for future time periods with prospective data

Final report WP4
Final report WP4 Executive summary

Workshop WP4-1 report


Workshop WP4-2 report


Workshop WP4-3 report


Outputs WP5 "Land Uses and Water Resources Safety"

Maps for existing land uses in the test beds

→ see in the internal download area

Final Report WP5 containing following outputs:

  • Impact effect matrix containing information about impact of existing land uses on water quality according to water quality data
  • Water quality trends for test beds
  • Report on common methodology for estimation of climate change-induced land use changes
  • Assessment reports on future land use changes in the test beds
  • Report on future water safety assessment due to changed land uses applying prospective data in the test beds

Final report WP5 version June 11th 2011

Final report WP5 version December 2011

Final report WP5 - final version

Workshop WP5-1 report


Workshop WP5-2 report


Workshop WP5-3 report


Outputs WP6 "Socio-economic evaluation"

Final Report WP6 containing following outputs:

  • Jointly agreed scenarios of water uptake for different water utilizers (industry, agriculture, tourism, households)
  • Joint report about future water availability for public water supply
  • Joint report about joint strategy for estimation of economic consequences of future water availability and safety changes
  • Joint report about economic consequences of future water availability and safety for public water supply
  • General methodology report about determination of imbalances based on different water demands
  • Joint report about estimation of emerging imbalances between different demands
  • Consolidated ACT6.4 report about relation among ecosystem services, water treatment and costs

Final report WP6



Workshop WP6-1 report


Workshop WP6-2 report


Workshop WP6-3 report



Outputs WP7 "Water Supply Management Measures"

The final report WP7 includes the following outputs:

  • Consolidated report on best practices in land use for safeguarding recharge areas of water resources for potential water exploitation
  • Joint report on proposals for additional surveys and methods for exploration of potential aquifers
  • Joint report on legislative guidelines and improvement potentials
  • Joint report on designation of appropriate measures for SEE to adapt water supply to changing climate and land use activities considering socio-economic
  • Joint SEE Water Supply Management System feedback report

Final report WP7

WP7-1 (start) workshop report


WP7-2 (interim) workshop report


WP7-3 (end) workshop report