HydroPredict 2012
Vienna, Austria, 24.-27.09.2012



LIFE+/EnvEurope - Dissemination Event
20 Jahre Zöbelboden
Vienna, Austria, 21.11.2012



CC-WaterS is the follow-up project of

KArst WATer research program


Preliminary results

As a follow-up project of KATER II (KArst WATer research program) the project partners could benefit from preliminary results concerning

Water Resources Availability

Estimating the Snow Water Equivalent in the Catchments of Rax, Schneeberg and Hochschwab
Report | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C | Appendix D

Explanatory notes to the digital geological map of the Rax-Schneeberg-Region

Karstological Research Report in the Catchment Area of the Vienna Spring Water Main

Diploma thesis on discharge-component analysis of the spring water (German)

Final report on the hydrogeology of Schneeberg/Rax (German)
Report | Appendix

Booklet: Hydrogeological map of Lessini Mountains

Report on vulnerability map of Lessini Mountains

Booklet: Lithological and hydrogeological map of Mount Grappa & Mount Cesen

Booklet: Vulnerability map of Sette Comuni Plateau

Report on Montello Hill

Report on methodology for delination and designation of spring protection area

Report on water geochemistry

Final report of the Veneto Region

Interpretation of meteorological, hydrogeological and chemical data

Lineament analysis of Schneeberg/Rax(German)

Speleological-tectonic research - Hochschwab (German)

Report on attributed sinks

Report on the project Schneealpe

Land Uses and Water Safety

KATER II Hydrotope Handbook
Report | Appendix

Monitoring of potential pollution sources and impact of pasture management on groundwater quality

Study on the prototype of DSS to manage land use activities

Diploma thesis on risk potential of sprin reserves (German)

Development of vegetation in relation to land use and climatic conditions (German)
Report | Appendix

Socio-economic evaluation

Diploma thesis on the EU Water Framework Directive (German)