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CC-WaterS is the follow-up project of

KArst WATer research program


CC-WaterS: project background.

Climate change is a global issue to be addressed on a local level, where water supply management is carried out. Efforts to deal with the impacts of climate change on water supply need to be coordinated jointly, facilitating the identification of common problems and application of appropriate adaptation measures. Climate change affects fresh water resources and may have significant influence on public drinking water supply. Many uncertain situations concerning drinking water supply in the last years underline the relevance of the SEE programme strategy. 

The impact of climate change can be observed in all different types of geographical areas and water bodies in SEE. Thus the scope of the project needs transnational approach, since the competences of tackling climate change and water supply issues are dispersed over countries and institutions.

Water suppliers from CC-WaterS partnership became aware of the importance and potential problems regarding climate change impacts on water resources and were looking for cooperation with research institutions to provide a scientific background. For successful implementation of the CC-WaterS goals it was also necessary to involve governmental bodies enabling implementation on legislative level.

Public interest and the general discussion of all topics related to climate change justify generous public funding of all reasonable activities dealing with this problem. Having the necessary financial means, the "best heads" of all relevant contributors will engage on these issues. This human and research capacities allow for challenging and innovative projects. CC-WaterS stands up to fulfil these expectation. Building on most recent political, scientific and water economic programmes, concepts and methods CC-WaterS responds to the identified needs in SEE with its innovative partnership structure and will, by enhancing the previous results, produce knowledge going beyond the state of the art. This will lead to good practices and sustainable results applicable in SEE.

CC-WaterS will identify and evaluate climate change impacts on availability and safety of public drinking water supply and propose adaptation measures, considering their socio-economic consequences. With the existing partnership the main project objective - sustainable water supply management system - will be implemented on a transnational level covering the Alps, Danube Middle and Lower Plains and coastal areas representing topographical and meteorological diversity of SEE.
Activities of the project will be applied in regional test beds, whereas resulting achievements serve for transnationally applicable outputs. Complementary approaches taken from the results of other EU-funded projects will provide a strong background.