HydroPredict 2012
Vienna, Austria, 24.-27.09.2012



LIFE+/EnvEurope - Dissemination Event
20 Jahre Zöbelboden
Vienna, Austria, 21.11.2012



CC-WaterS is the follow-up project of

KArst WATer research program


CC-WaterS: working schedule.

Starting with setup of the basic data bases, immediate effects of climate change on water resources are assessed. Further influencing factors - land use activities - are identified. Driving forces and competing influences on water resources are merged and their impacts on water supply as well as the socio-economic aspects and costs are analysed. In all the subsequent steps, the interdependent uncertainties are accounted for.

Joint activities are co-ordinated each by a responsible partner. Regionalised activities are implemented in locations, selected in order to represent the different geographical and climatologic settings of SEE. The concluding step is the development of appropriate measures together with a SEE Water Supply Management System to adapt water supply to changing climate and land use activities considering socio-economic aspects.

Each activity will be documented by several outputs. The contributions of the partners, cooperating in the activities by using jointly developed methodologies, will be processed in form of reports, maps, guidelines, common tools and management proposals. All outputs will be compiled in one comprehensive and logically structured book. In a feedback cycle the whole process is reviewed and deficiencies will be assessed.