HydroPredict 2012
Vienna, Austria, 24.-27.09.2012



LIFE+/EnvEurope - Dissemination Event
20 Jahre Zöbelboden
Vienna, Austria, 21.11.2012



CC-WaterS is the follow-up project of

KArst WATer research program


CC-WaterS: project organisation.

The Lead Partner, supported by the project manager, represents the link between the project and the programme.

General project control is handled by the Project Steering Committee (PSC), consisting of project partners' legal representatives. PSC is responsible for all strategic decisions. It also approves all reporting documents which have to be delivered to the programme at regular intervals. It is informed about project status and budget monitoring details by Project and Financial Manager.

The Working Group is a basic consortium for transnational co-operation and achievement of outputs and results. Members include project partners' experts. Most of interdisciplinary and common work on the project tasks is done in this group.
WG is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board.

The working group is the interdisciplinary superstructure of the project, therefore it is divided in 5 Thematic Working Groups (TWG) running on specialised thematic levels. Each TWG covers special thematic fields, in correlation to work packages:

TWG3: Climate Change
TWG4: Water Resources
TWG5: Land Uses and Water Safety
TWG6: Socio-economic evaluation
TWG7: Water Supply Management Measures

To get an overview about project groups and functions, please view the detailed organisation structure of CC-WaterS!