CC-WaterS: ERDF partner01 profile

Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,
Environment and Water Management

Forest Department
Marxergasse 2
1030 Vienna

main focus of institution and department
The Forest Department as one of 7 Sections of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management has to fulfil general responsibilities like appraisal of federal laws drawn up by other Ministries, of provincial laws and concertation competence for decisions with other Ministries.

short description of PP activities
Coordination, strategic orientation and issues concerning forest spatial planning (Forest Development Plan, Forest Sectoral Plan, Protection Forest) and landscape development.
Forest aspects of nature-, landscape- and environmental protection, biodiversity, forest ecology and water- and climate protection policy.
Coordination and evaluation of the instruments for natural risk management of regional planning and for natural hazards.

description of test area
The test area covers the municipality of Waidhofen / Ybbs and its environment. This area reaches from the submontane (420 m) until the middlemontane (1000 m) altitudinal belt. The average precipitation is 1500 mm p.a., whereas the available amount (average precipitation minus average evapotranspiration) is 1000 mm p.a. The spruce-fir-beech-forest is predominant.
In the course of the development of a “Technical Forestry Plan” (Waldfachplan) 2007 the catchment area of the “Lugergrabenbach” (1,5 km²) was analysed in detail.  This investigation area contains two springs, whereas only one is used for water management.

what does the partner bring into the project?
The Forest Department of the Federal Ministry in cooperation with the Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) and the Institute of Forest Management of University of Applied Life Sciences will give some recommendations on landuse strategies due to future climatic conditions. A best practice guide for sustainable land use and a guideline for a water supply forest management system will be prepared.

benefits for the partner by participation in the project
The participation in this project will have a multiplication effect for the results of other EU-funded projects in our department and will contribute complementary to the completion of the forest water related issues.  Another benefit will be to gain experiences in handling with problems concerning water quantity and quality in other countries.

main contact
DI Hubert Siegel
Head of Subdivision “Forest spatial planning, landscape development and forest protection”,
leading and managing several studies and projects within the INTERREG and other EU funded programmes

phone: +43 1 71100 7204
fax: +43 1 71100 7399
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