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Public Company for Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal Ljubljana
JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o.
Development Department
Vodovodna cesta 90
1000 Ljubljana

main focus of institution and department
The JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o. is a regional company with a record of continuous activity since 1890. The basic activities of the company are: public water supply, sewage collection, treatment and discharge, rainwater sewage collection and discharge, management of all water works, sewage and water treatment facilities. JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o. annually sells 25 Mm3 of drinking water and discharges and treats approximately the same amount of sewage water.
The Development Department is in charge of environmentally sustainable  development of water supply and water sewage systems, adapted to the physical plans of the development of Ljubljana , systematic renewal of public water supply and water sewage systems in order to meet highest standards achievable, optimization the water supply and water sewage systems with the objective to achieve high operation safety and low pollution levels and establishment of the long term planning of drinking water supply and water resources use.

short description of PP activities
As a company that is in charge to supplies approximately 300.000 people with healthy drinking water in sufficient quantity, JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o. is involved in all work packages. We are collaborating in establishment of a transnational climate database and assessment of uncertainties. We cooperate with other Slovene partners in provide the hydrological data sets for the Ljubljana polje test bed, estimation of hydrological data uncertainties and calculating of missing or not existing hydrological data.  We are involved in water balance method application for test bed data and analysis of groundwater level trends. We’ll prepare the land use for test bed Ljubljansko polje, analyzing the water quality trends and provide the application of WP3 results for evaluation of climate change induced land use changes. We’ll re-model water balance according to scenarios of water uptake for different water users and prepare the estimation of economic consequences. We’ll participate in preparing the best practice proposal for safeguarding recharge areas, additional surveys and methods for exploration of potential aquifers, proposal for legislative improvement in Slovenia and designate the appropriate measures for Slovenia to adapt water supply to changing climate and land use activities considering socio-economic aspects.

description of test area
The Ljubljana field is a part of the Ljubljana basin tectonic depression and is drained by the river Sava and containes a thickness of up to 120 m of Pleistocene and Holocene fluvial sediments. Ljubljana Field is an unconfined intergranular aquifer. The phreatic groundwater in Ljubljana Field is recharging from rainfall, from the river Sava and via groundwater inflow from the Ljubljansko barje multi-aquifer system. The hydraulic conductivity of Ljubljansko polje sediments is very good, from 10-2 m/s in the central part to 3,7·10-3 m/s on the borders of the plain. The groundwater level is deepest in the NW part of the field, it’s on 30 m depth and the ES part of the field the groundwater level is 5 to 10 m under surface. The river Sava, with its characteristics of an alpine river, flows along the northern edge of the filed. It discharges several tenths to 1600 m3/s. The river Sava is very important hydrodynamic element of Ljubljana Field, especially it's cross recharge along infiltration areas of Brod-Roje and Tomačevo-Jarše during the periods of high river level.

what does the partner bring into the project?
Public water supply company JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o. has a series of data of groundwater level and quality on test bed Ljubljansko polje for long time. We have the experience how to deal in situation there is shortage of drinking water or pollution in drinking water source. We know where the deficiency in measurements, modeling groundwater and national legislation are.

benefits for the partner by participation in the project
Water balance and estimation of groundwater availability   is very important for future public water supply. To have an information about impact of climate change and the relation between land use and recharge is crucial for prepare plans and measures in critical situations.

main contact
Branka Bracic Zeleznik
Internal project leader

phone: +386 1 5808348
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