CC-WaterS: ERDF partner06 profile

Vízügyi és Környezetvédelmi Központi Igazgatóság, VKKI
Vízgyűjtőgazdálkodási Főosztály
Central Directorate for Water and Environment, DIRWAT
River Basin Department
Márvány utca 1/c-d
1012 Budapest

main focus of institution and department
Management and Controlling of Hungarian Waters and Water Environment as national institution directly working with and to Ministry of Environment and Water.
Large scale Water Monitoring (over 8 thousand monitoring stations), Integrated Water Resources Management & River Basin Management Planning

short description of PP activities
Set-up and compilation of comprehensive hydrological data base.
Participation in the preparation of workshops (tables, preparatory text, presentations).
Opinions on working plans and methodological proposals.
Provision of information on applied methodologies and water resources management, collection and transfer of water resources and hydrological data sets for the pilot areas.
Evaluation of the availability of water resources in the pilot areas, using the common methodology (including data evaluations, water balance calculations, hydrodynamic and transport modelling).
Input for the reporting.
Chapter on water resources in CC-WaterS  monography.

description of test area
Hungary has chosen two test/pilot areas on climate change effects testing: Bükk-mountain and Nyírség hilly land.
Bükk- mountain is one of biggest and highest mountain in Hungary. Its geological mass composed by limestone featured karstic dominancy.
This vulnerable aquifer is very sensitive of hydro meteorological phenomena, like flash-flood or long term dried periods. Both harmful effects cause quality and quantity changes on drinking water supply and nature protected areas depended on this aquifer.
Nyírség is situated on north-eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain near the Ukraine and Rumanian border. Although the Hungarian lowland is an alluvial plain but the Nyírség has a relatively higher altitude than the surrounding lowland area. Nyírség as recharge area is covered by eolic sediment. This land is disposed to drought and nowadays has the chance to water-shortage.

what does the partner bring into the project?
The Hungarian long term experience and practice on water resources management. Because Hungary is relatively rich in waters (seated at the bottom of Carpathian Basin) and is at the cross-roads of main different meteorological zones, the Hungarian water experts have huge practice in extremity and conflict management, like flood or drought.

benefits for the partner by participation in the project
Getting more information and lessons learned about countries or regions suffered more from adverse effects of drought just now. The climate change effect might not touch the whole territory of Hungary harmfully but it is well predictable of eastern parts’ threatening. So, the test areas chosen belong to these parts.

main contact
Dr. László PERGER
My professional background is covered by MS degrees on Geological Engineering and Hydrological Engineering. I got a doctor’s degree on Water Science at Technical University of Budapest. My past practices are fieldworks on groundwater research, water resources management in all level, water administration, law and policy. At present I am Head of River basin Department at Central Directorate for Water and Environment in Budapest. My responsible area is the water monitoring and the water resources management in Hungary. In addition, the new task is the implementation of WFD and the water and environmental related projects management.

phone: +36 1 2254460
fax: +361 2015286
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