CC-WaterS: ERDF partner13 profile

Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development of Patras sa
El. Venizelou 38 & Solomou str.
26333 Patras

main focus of institution and department
Promoting social, economic, tourism and environmental development of the Municipality of Patras.
The creation of conditions for rational use of the opportunities of the municipality, building national and EU funding.

short description of PP activities
The main objective for our institution to be carried out with the participation in the project is to feed the Local and Regional Government, as well as citizen groups with valuable information on the safeguard of future water supply under conditions of climate change and under the pressure from land-use activities.
Main activities will be to:
disseminate information on the prognosis for the future of water resources in the local and regional level, and
facilitate education and training on measures, guidelines and plans to adapt water supply to changing climate and land-use activities.

description of test area
The prefecture of Achaia belongs to the greater geographical district of Peloponnese and it borders with Corinth in the east, with Arcadia in the south, with Elia in the west as well as with the Gulf of Corinth and the gulf of Patra in the north. Achaia has approximately 300.000 inhabitants. The Prefecture of Achaia, with an area of 3.274 km², is characterized by wide contrasts in its terrain. The greater part (around 60%) consists of mountains, with relatively small rivers (Vouraikos, Glavkos, Selinountas, Peiros) running between them down to the Gulfs of Patras and of Corinthos. The economic life of the prefecture, and the Region as a whole, is centred in the port city of Patras.

main contact
Konstadinos Konstadakopoulos
Internal project leader

phone: +30 261 036 1766
fax: +30 261 036 1782
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