CC-WaterS: 10% partner profile

Croatian Geological Survey – subcontractor, providing researches for Croatian Waters
Department of hydrogeology and engineering geology
Department of mineral resources
Sachsova 2
10000 Zagreb

main focus of institution and department
Croatian Geological Survey deals with all aspects of geological research in Croatia. Departments involved in CC-WaterS project (Dept. of hydrogeology and engineering geology, and Dept. of mineral resources) provide different kinds of researches within the geological engineering and geosciences, mostly connected with groundwater resources, engineering geological basis for construction works and mineral resources.

short description of PP activities
Researchers from CGS will study three pilot sites in Croatian coastal area (Vransko jezero on the island of Cres, Bokanjačko Blato near Zadar and Blatsko polje on the island of Korčula). On these sites we will estimate the influence of climate changes on water supply in the past, present and future.

description of test area
All test areas are situated in coastal karst terrain, with numerous different and often unexpected problems. Vransko jezero is fresh water lake on a karst island, used for water supply. Bokanjačko Blato and Blatsko polje are karst poljes, with wells used for public water supply as well. Both of these poljes were periodically flooded in the past, but were artificially drained with canal network and drainage tunnels.

what does the partner bring into the project?
We contribute the project with our knowledge, data basis, bulk experience in the research of the Dinaric karst region, and terrain work on pilot sites, as well as the scientific interpretation of achieved data.

benefits for the partner by participation in the project
Our most important benefits will be the opportunity to study the climate change effects on coastal karst aquifers in Croatia, and to compare achieved results with results and experience of the researchers from other project partners.

main contact
Josip Terzić
Karst hydrogeology: mostly connected with costal and karst islands’ aquifers. Research of karst features, hydrogeological mapping, hydrogeochemistry, tracer tests, water supply and sanitary protection of groundwater resources.

phone: +38 5917667304
fax: +38 516144713
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